Caravan Mattresses

We make our caravan mattresses with home style comfort in mind. There are many travellers who are on the road in their caravan long term, so the comfort their mattress needs to duplicate that of their home mattress.

Our caravan mattresses are made of Innerspring, Latex or Combination Foam.

Most caravans don’t have height restrictions, so the mattress can be made double sided. This means you are able to turn your mattress over if need be.

Caravan mattresses normally have cut corners, either straight or rounded, so there is more space to move around the mattress. We also make the bolsters that many caravan mattresses need so the mattress can be extended at night when sleeping.

Moisture under and inside a mattress is a challenge in Caravans, Motorhomes, Boats, Campers, etc. The traveller range has air vents in the mattresses, allowing air to circulate around the springs providing a fresher, healthier mattress - ideal for combined spaces.

We also make the mattresses with extra side supports around the mattress, as you tend to sit on your mattress more than what you normally would with your home mattress. With some caravans you may even need to convert your mattress to a seat, this is where the side supports are very important.

For measurements, if you are local, the best option would be to bring the caravan to our factory/showroom so we can take the measurements for you, this assures that the completed mattress will be finished the perfect size and shape. Alternatively, if you are unable to get to our factory, or you are interstate, we can advise you and talk to you over the phone how to get the exact measurements for your mattress.

Caravan Mattresses