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Custom Mattresses Brisbane

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Custom Mattresses Brisbane


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Made to Measure Mattresses provide custom innerspring, Latex and combination foam mattresses of all shapes and sizes “Hand Shaped” to suit your individual needs.

We will outfit for your boat, camper trailer, camper van, caravan, motorhome and truck. The choice is yours to use either innerspring, latex or foam.

With many of us taking our bedrooms with us, you need to relax on a comfortable, well made mattress, so your body has time to rejuvenate after your busy day of travelling, walking and exploring all the beautiful towns we have at our finger tips.

  • Our mattresses have been specifically designed with travel in mind.
  • Our mattresses are lighter in weight than most standard mattresses, so not to add extra weight when driving, towing or sailing.
  • All have air vents built into the sides of the mattress to allow optimum air flow which prevents excess heat and moisture.
  • All have additional side supports built into the mattress to give extra support around the edges. As often, when travelling, the mattress is used as a seat as well as a bed.
  • All our mattresses are of high quality and fully guaranteed for 5 years up to 10 years.

We can organise delivery nationally and internationally. Even if you are on the road, we can send it to your next stop to have ready and waiting for you to sleep on.

Why suffer an uncomfortable night’s sleep any longer when you can have a Made to Measure Mattress made just for you.

Have a look at the different ranges we offer and contact us if you would like further information.


  • "We finally got the mattress to the boat just before Easter - it's been sitting in the garage since it arrived, and we just haven't had the time (or the room) to get it there, until Good Friday. I must admit I was a little anxious that we wouldn't be able to get it down the companion way - particularly as I had some difficulty getting the old foam one out, but it went down just. After that it was a breeze, fitted well. And it's so good, better than our land based beds - particularly when there's a bit of swell and the boat rocks me to sleep. Thanks for all the help, Cheers."

  • "Thank you for the mattress you made for our caravan. We have just been away in our van for 12 days, with our new mattress, and it is very comfortable – much nicer than the standard foam one, so we just wanted to thank you very much. The whole process from our original enquiry to the production of the mattress and everything in between was extremely professional, and the mattress is of excellent quality. So thank you once again, Kind regards,"

  • "Firstly, let me say thank you for explaining to my wife and I the differences in your range of mattresses. Due to serious back problems (spinal fusion) I have never had a good nights sleep in our Jayco Sterling van. Well, thankfully that has all changed. We have just returned from a fortnight's holiday and for the first time in my life, I was able to spend more than 5-6 hours in bed without the need to get up and move around and without the need for medication. As a matter of fact, I was sleeping for more than 10 hours and would get out of bed without any aches and pains and take our dog for a walk. Your advice was excellent, the service was great (and friendly). We were called to see if we had received the mattress, (which by coincidence had just been delivered) and we couldn't be happier with the way everything was handled. We're now saving our pennies to purchase a new mattress for our home."

  • "What a beautiful mattress! Not only is it great quality but so comfortable. Felt a little scared ordering a mattress I had never seen. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Made To Measure Mattresses. Thanks for the great service."

  • "Would like to compliment you on our excellent mattresses! My husband suffers with a degenerative spine, and I with a hip and neck problem and this is the first mattress that we both have had some comfort with, and a decent night's sleep. We took delivery of them and could not sleep on them until now as we were too busy and as they were going into our new van, we had to wait, only to discover that it was like heaven to sleep on them!!!!!!!!!!! I just love them. Thank you very much.

  • "Hi, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job of our custom made mattress for our caravan. Your website is informative and friendly and gave us the confidence to deal with your company from New Zealand. The whole process from my drawings, to your suggestions and actually having the mattress arrive in NZ was perfect. We now have it in our caravan ready for the coming long weekend and are so pleased it will provide us with the comfort of home sleeping. I can’t say enough about the packing – it was so well wrapped and protected for its journey from Australia to New Zealand. We’d be happy to be a reference and are more than happy for you to submit this on your website. Thank you and all the best from NZ."

  • "Hi everyone at Made To Measure. We just wanted to write to tell you how comfortable our new Superior mattress is. We had purchased a foam mattress elsewhere (which we paid $300 for) and after a week on the road it proved to have been a bad investment. My back was paying the price and we immediately ordered a made to measure inner spring from your company. Thanks for saving my back. As we are living in our van for the next couple of years, we should have bought a mattress from your company to begin with. In the end it wasn't that much more expensive than the foam mattress we originally bought. Thanks again for your quick and prompt service."

  • "We have just returned from a two week trip and the mattress is great, very comfortable, and the fit is spot on, wonderful job. Thanks for a great job and the very fast services. We have recommended you to several of our friends who are thinking of replacing the mattresses on their boats."

  • "Hi there, we just wanted to let you know that our cot arrived this morning and the mattress fits perfectly! We are very happy with it, thank you so much. We also really appreciated your fantastic customer service (which is why we went with you over Sydney mattress companies)... if the opportunity arises we will definitely be recommending Made to Measure Mattresses."

  • "To all the team at Made to Measure Mattresses, our mattress in perfect condition and put in to the camper today. Fits like a glove, no dramas with height etc, the camper closed up without any problem If you recall, it was made to fit a Aussie swag. Only had a 2 minute lay down on it, and we are absolutely delighted, it is sensational!!!!! Thank you for your excellent product and service."

  • "Hi all, just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you guys did with our mattress for our yacht. Fitted perfectly and very comfortable. It was a difficult shape and we are glad we had it angled at the sides. This gave us more room. We will definitely recommend to others."

  • "I would like to thank you for the mattress which we recently purchased for our motorhome, we have spent this past weekend out in the motorhome for the first time with the new mattress and my wife aggress with me that it is every bit as comfortable as our home bed. No more tossing and turning during the night my wife now sleeps through and no complaints in the morning. Thank you again for the quality that is superb."


  • Made to Measure Mattresses has currently moved premises. While we are in the process of finalising the move and setting up the factory, we are still taking calls & emails for all mattress enquiries and orders. You can contact us on the “Contact Us” page as per normal.
    Please Note - the Showroom component of the business is currently closed while the new showroom is being constructed. The showroom will re-open 1 September 2022.
    You are still welcome to come and have your caravan/motorhome/campervan etc measured from Monday 8 August 2022, if you would like to call to make an appointment that would be much appreciated. Thank you for your patience while we make this exciting transition to our new premises.